sitelen sitelen

    From sona pona
    mi weka e ike jan la mi weka e ike mi

    sitelen sitelen (also known as sitelen suwi) is a logographic writing system for toki pona, created by Jonathan Gabel around 2006.[1] It is one of the two non-Latin writing systems featured in pu, the other being sitelen pona. The overall style of sitelen sitelen was inspired by US west-coast comix and east-coast grafitti, while the word shapes themselves are often taken from hieroglyphs or religious symbols.[2]

    sitelen sitelen is non-linear in nature: instead of a straight row, words are arranged in blocks reminiscent of comic strips. Prepositions and part-of-sentence marking particles wrap around their contents, similarly to sitelen pona's cartouches.

    Notable works[edit | edit source]

    In 2012, Gabel created a contract written in sitelen sitelen, describing the sale of itself for 100 USD to jan Mato.[3]

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