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Eŭropa Tokipona Studado ("European Toki Pona Study", abbreviation: EToSo), known in Toki Pona as kama sona pi toki pona lon ma Elopa or kama kulupu Etoso, is a meetup which occured in Brno, Czechia, during 26 to 28 September 2015. During it, nine Esperantists from different countries[a] came together to study Toki Pona.[1]


The meetup was inspired by the Somera Esperanto-Studado (SES), a summer Esperanto event organized by E@I, which usually takes places in neighboring Slovakia. jan Elin and jan Male had participated, and jan Elin thought it would be a good idea to organize a meeting to learn Toki Pona. jan Wena came up with the name.


Presentation about Czech history given in Toki Pona, organized by Marek Blahuš[2]

On the first day, there was a Skype conference with Sonja Lang.

On the second day, there was a tour of Brno,[3][4] jan Male presented the history of Czechia in Toki Pona, and jan Wena, jan Jana, and jan Mimoku watched a total lunar eclipse.

Attendees also used Signed Toki Pona during lunch,[5] played language games,[6][7] and sent jan Sonja a signed postcard.[8]


Attendees introducing themselves[9]


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  2. jan Masin in the video one does not seem to understand much.


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