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Sitelen Pona[edit source]

I am trying to integrate sitelen pona to the wiki by using the sitelen-pona( sitelen pona) template. Why did you revert my edits? jan Pilin Pona (talk) 22:30, 3 April 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

As stated in the edit summary, sitelen Lasina is far more widely used and accessible. To elaborate:
  • sitelen Lasina is best-known and preferred by the most speakers, according to the latest Toki Pona census
  • sitelen Lasina is well-encoded and most direct to input; sitelen pona currently relies on a variety of custom fonts, input methods, and unofficial encodings that are still in flux and inconsistent (the least of issues being a clash between ASCII transcription, UCSUR, and any future Unicode encoding), neither encoding falls back gracefully into plaintext yet in the event of stylesheet loading issues, and we already encounter ligature issues specific to the font we're using
  • sitelen Lasina has very, very many more legible font options than sitelen pona, making it easier to set custom fonts for accessibility or user preference
  • sitelen Lasina indicates pronunciation, without the need for workarounds like ruby text, or tooltips that become unviewable within a link on touchscreen, for example
  • It's probably less jarring to remain in the same script as surrounding English text
  • Most sources and citations are written in sitelen Lasina; otherwise, they would all have to be either reformatted, or inconsistent with the majority of wiki content
  • All words can be written with only rare confusion; many words in sitelen pona have multiple competing glyphs, a glyph that is questionably recognized or used in practice (this is actually being discussed on the server today), a glyph that isn't supported by current or user-set fonts, or no glyph at all
  • This seems like a lot of work, across hundreds of pages, for tenuous benefit
Based on this, despite my own strong personal preference for sitelen pona, I have to conclude that sitelen Lasina makes the most sense as a default.
It's not like the wiki is devoid of sitelen pona, either—it's already used in places where it isn't too awkward and any issues can be worked around, like in example sentences, and when the writing system is directly relevant. You can even create a user stylesheet to display all Toki Pona text on your end with a sitelen pona font (the reverse wouldn't work depending on the encoding used).
Before reverting, I ran this by other editors, and @SnpoSuwan and @jan Pensa seemed to agree with the decision. Menasewi (talk) 11:15, 4 April 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]