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    monsutatesu is an analysis of Toki Pona. It posits that some content words are auto-antonyms when used as verbs. The word is a tokiponization of "monsuta test"; sina monsuta e mi can be interpreted as "you scare me" or "you fear me".

    Causes[edit | edit source]

    Some cases of monsutatesu are from using a word in a different part of speech, then adapting that meaning back into the original part of speech.

    For example, pu defines moku as a verb meaning "to eat". When used as a noun, it is interpreted as something that is eaten: "food". If this noun sense is used as a verb, it means "to be food", with the inverse relation of its definition.
    Compare mi moku e ona ("I eat it"), mi moku ona ("I am its food.").

    Words analyzed under monsutatesu[edit | edit source]

    In the following table, E stands for the direct object of a transitive verb. Senses without E are intransitive.

    nimi Meaning Noted by
    Subject as agent Subject as patient or other
    monsuta to be scary; to scare E to be afraid; to fear E janKipo[1][2]
    mama to be a parent; to nurture E to make E a parent jan Likipi[3][2]
    lawa to be a head; to control E to put in charge; to make E a head A mpptp member[2]
    kalama to play; to make E make sound to sound; to make the sound E
    moku to consume (E) to give fuel; to feed E
    to be fuel[a] jan Misali[4]
    musi to be fun; to entertain E to have fun; to enjoy E jan Kekan San[5]
    1. Fails monsutatesu as a transitive verb

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