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jan Sepulon (sitelen pona: jan [sina en pilin uta lon olin nasin]), also known as Serotonergeek, is a Swiss musician and notable Tokiponist. They are known for their style of music, including synth-pop and post-punk.

jan Sonja recommends jan Sepulon as a freelance Toki Pona translator and proofreader.[1] jan Sepulon is credited in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Toki Pona edition) as a proofreader.

Discography[edit | edit source]

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Albums[edit | edit source]

No. Title Year Links
1 "toki pona ilo" 2022
2 "Toki Pona Struggles" 2023

Singles[edit | edit source]

No. Title Year Album Links
1 "o pana e olin" 2020
2 "nasa o tawa weka!" 2021 toki pona ilo
3 "jan Elita li kalama" 2021 toki pona ilo
4 "mi seli" 2021
5 "ken la sina musi" 2022 toki pona ilo
6 "poki ko" 2022 toki pona ilo
7 "o pali e ijo sina" 2022 toki pona ilo
8 "misikeke ike" 2023 toki pona ilo
9 "mi weka e sina" 2023
10 "sina wile uta la..." 2023 Toki Pona Struggles
11 "jan poka li ike" 2023 Toki Pona Struggles
12 "olin o lawa" 2023 Toki Pona Struggles
13 "ilo wawa" 2023
14 "mi moku e kiwen" 2023 Toki Pona Struggles
15 "mi wile sama lape" 2023
16 "meli insa" 2023 Toki Pona Struggles
17 "mi ko" 2023 Toki Pona Struggles
18 "poki li eliki" 2023 Toki Pona Struggles
19 "mi kama sin" 2023
20 "jan moli tawa" 2023
21 "mi powe taso" 2023
22 "oko pona sina" 2024
23 "moli lawa" 2024
24 "tenpo lili li seme? (ft. soko Miselija)" 2024
25 "mi kama sin" 2024
26 "sinpin tu" 2024
27 "sijelo tu" 2024

Translations and covers[edit | edit source]

No. Title Original artist Original title Year Album Links
1 "jan utala o" "Bella Ciao" 2022 Toki Pona Struggles
2 "sina sike sike e mi" Dead or Alive "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" 2023
3 "kon tonsi utala lon o" Against Me! "True Trans Soul Rebel" 2023
4 "o alasa e mije" Taxi Girl "Cherchez le Garçon" 2023
5 "wan, tu, jan lawa" Mo-Do "Eins, Twei, Polizei" 2024
6 "kala lili" Pinkfong "Baby Shark" 2024

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Sonja Lang. "Toki Pona (official site)". tokipona.org. Retrieved 28 February 2024.

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