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Proper Pu is a nasin of an unknown origin[citation needed]. It involves turning all words that mean in relation to an Official Toki Pona book (pu,ku,su,ju,lu,nu, and u) into proper modifiers. This is done to reflect that these words can be considered names. If the word is being used as a verb would be, it is instead replaced by a similar phrase in which it would be a proper modifier. Optionally, the sitelen pona glyphs for these words may be replaced with a different name writing method. This is not done against Sonja Lang or any of her works. There may be various reasons for this, whether considering the words to be unneeded, or anything else.


mi lukin e lipu[pu].

mi lukin e lipu Pu.

I read from Toki Pona: The Language of Good

nimi suli pi lipu [pu] li pona.

nimi suli pi lipu Pu li pona.

the important words of the Toki Pona Dictionary are good.