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Wakalito is a keyboard layout and shape-based input method for entering Toki Pona words. It is based on the glyph components in sitelen pona rather than the Latin script. It was developed by jan Likipi, together with kala pona Tonyu and jan Tepo in 2020.[1][2]

Wakalito supports all nimi pu and nimi ku suli, as well as select nimi ku lili. It is currently available for iOS through the App Store and for desktop—on Windows 10/11, OS X, and Linux—through the open-source program Espanso.

The name Wakalito is derived from a shuffled combination of the first syllable in the creators' names: waso Likipi and kala pona Tonyu.

Keys[edit | edit source]

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There are 17 components and keys, mapped to the top-left rows of the keyboard. These can be typed using only the left hand.

Supported glyphs[edit | edit source]

The following table shows all the supported words using Wakalito v. 7.0. Strings separated by commas are variations of the same glyph.

Glyphs supported onn Wakalito as of v. 7.0
Word sitelen pona Keys on a QWERTY layout
Newline 666,
Space 6y
Quotation mark " gg
Full stop . 3
Underline __ 2
Ellipsis ... 333
nimi pu
a a we3, w33
a a a a a a w3w3
akesi akesi 33222e, e22233
ala ala 4r
alasa alasa w12, w12r, 1w2, 1w2r
ale ale e1
anpa anpa 3s3
anpa ante r4
anpa anu 4w
anpa awen 2r2
e e rr
en en w2w
esun esun tw5
ijo ijo e
ike ike 5
ilo ilo dw, wd
insa insa s33, 33s33
jaki jaki qqq
jan jan er
jelo jelo edr2
jo jo et2
kala kala re
kalama kalama t2f
kama kama 22r
kasi kasi eew, wee, ewe
ken ken ww4
kepeken kepeken dwq, wdq, qwd, qdw, dqw
kili kili 55tw, 5t5w
kin kin w4rw, w4r
kiwen kiwen 4r2, 4ww2
ko ko 5et, te5
kon kon 4r4r, 1111, r4r4
kule kule r2, r222
kulupu kulupu eee
kute kute 13, 31
la la 1
lape lape 22e
laso laso eewr2, weer2, wee2r, eew2r, r2wee, r2ewe
lawa lawa e2
len len dwww, wwwd
lete lete 42r, r42
li li r
lili lili 4
linja linja t5, 5t
lipu lipu d
loje loje t2r2, 2tr2, r2t2, 2rt2, r22t, 2r2t
lon lon 32, 23
luka luka q
lukin lukin e3
lupa lupa tww, wtw, wwt
ma ma e2w
mama mama 3e
mani mani et, 2e2
meli meli 5e, e5
mi mi we
mije mije rer
moku moku t2q, 2tq, q2t, qt2
moli moli e4r4r, er4r4, e4r
monsi monsi 32w2, 36
mu mu ee3e, e3ee, eee3
mun mun 11
musi musi ete
mute mute www
namako namako d3, 3d
nanpa nanpa ww22, 22ww
nasa nasa t5t, 5t5
nasin nasin wr, rw
nena nena 5ww, ww5, w5w
ni ni w4
nimi nimi w2w2, 2w2w
noka noka w1w, w12w
o o w3
oko oko 413
olin olin 554554, 455455
ona ona 2e
open open s2, 2s
pakala pakala d4r, dr4
pali pali eq, qe
palisa palisa 5wwt, tww5, 5wtw, tw5w, w5wt, wtw5
pan pan 444
pana pana qf, fq
pi pi w2
pilin pilin 554, 455, 55t
pimeja pimeja r24r, 4rr2
pini pini 2w2
pipi pipi 33w222, w22233, 222w33
poka poka s3
poki poki s
pona pona t
pu pu deft
sama sama 22
seli seli 3f, f3
selo selo w2www, 2wwww, 22w22
seme seme q3, 3q
sewi sewi ttw, wttw
sijelo sijelo w2ww, 2www
sike sike ee
sin sin f
sina sina ew
sinpin sinpin 2w23, y3
sitelen sitelen d333, d33
sona sona df, fd
soweli soweli 2133wwww, 133ww, 1wwww33, 133wwww, 1ww33
suli suli 44, w4w
suno suno ed
supa supa 2ww, ww2
suwi suwi r3r, rr3, 3rr
tan tan 45, 54
taso taso 2w
tawa tawa r22
telo telo 5t5t, t5t5
tenpo tenpo ew2
toki toki ef
tomo tomo rs, sr
tu tu ww
unpa unpa 554e, 55te
uta uta t23, 2t3
utala utala 4r4, 44r4
walo walo r24, 2r4
wan wan w
waso waso rw33, 33rw
wawa wawa wew
weka weka fw
wile wile tt
nimi ku suli
epiku epiku wwr, rww
jasima jasima 5t5tw, t5t5w, wt5t5, w5t5t
kijetesantakalu kijetesantakalu ewww5rwww33
kipisi kipisi 3w3
kokosila kokosila ef2, fe2
ku ku d423, d42eft
lanpan lanpan 5t53
leko leko dd
misikeke misikeke 5wwt2, tww52, 5wtw2, tw5w2, w5wt2, wtw52
meso meso w3w, 3ww
monsuta monsuta rrrr, 4444
n n w5
soko soko es, 52s
tonsi tonsi e22w, ew22, e2w2
Select nimi ku lili
apeja apeja eeer, eere, eree, reee
isipin isipin e22f, fe22, ef22
kapesi kapesi e2wr2, ew2r2, e2w2r, ew22r, r2e2w, r2ew2, 2re2w, 2rew2
kiki kiki rrr444, rrrr4444
linluwi linluwi w2wt5w333, w2w333t5w, w2wwt5333, w2ww333t5
mulapisu mulapisu r2eee, 2reee, eeer2, eee2r
oke oke e4w, 4we
pake pake w22, 22w
Pingo Pingo w21
powe powe wr4
unu unu 11r2, 112r, r211, 2r11
wa wa wtt
mi sona ala mi sona ala wd4
Smiley :) a1, ay, at
Frown :( a6, a5
Annoyed :| a2, aw
Open mouth :v a4

References[edit | edit source]

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