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Mitch Halley (/ˈhæli/,[1] pronouns: he/they[2]), better known online as hbmmaster or jan Misali

(sitelen pona:
jan [mi sona ante li]

, is an American YouTuber and notable Tokiponist. His channel covers a variety of topics, including music, video games, conlanging, and Toki Pona in particular.

Discography[edit | edit source]

jan Misali has translated several songs to Toki Pona, and has created medleys of preexisting Toki Pona music.[5] Some of his best-known pieces are their covers of "Dreams of Our Generation" from Rhythm Heaven Fever, "kulupu jan tenpo" (2020),[6] and "Dreams of Our "Conglang" Community (Cute Fraud)" (2018).[7]

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Courses[edit | edit source]

12 Days of sona pi toki pona[edit | edit source]

12 Days of sona pi toki pona is a popular 2015 video series that teaches the basics of Toki Pona.[8] jan Misali created each episode in one day, resulting in some minor mistakes.

toki pona lessons[edit | edit source]

toki pona lessons is a second incomplete series that started in 2021.[9]

Writing systems[edit | edit source]

jan Misali has created several Toki Pona writing systems: an ASCII syllabary, the joke cipher plorcly borglar, and an abbreviation system intended to be immediately legible.

Outside of Toki Pona[edit | edit source]

Conlang Critic[edit | edit source]

Conlang Critic is a series of reviews of constructed languages that used to be the focus of jan Misali's YouTube channel.[10]

In 2017, he endorsed Toki Pona, citing its accessible pronunciation and grammar, and the logic of creating simple noun phrases. Misali reviewed Toki Pona as if it were an international auxiliary language (IAL) to highlight its simplicity and effective design compared to the actual IALs reviewed, whose designs he considers too complicated for international use. Their only point of criticism was the lacking number system.[11] Throughout Conlang Critic, Toki Pona maintained its rank as the best "interlang" until the ranking system was abandoned.

"New radio shows?"[edit | edit source]

Caution: The subject of this section is just for fun. It might not be meant or appropriate for serious use.

A comment thread on the Conlang Critic review for Ido, started by Esperantist Anthony McCarthy, has become a popular inside joke in the Toki Pona community, with even jan Sonja referencing it.[12] It is used self-deprecatingly, as well as to poke fun at critics of Toki Pona who are taken to have insufficient knowledge of it. Notable excerpts from the thread include:[13][14][15]

Anthony McCarthy

You have got to be about the most superficial commentator on con-langues since the idiotic B. Gilson.

Did I miss the one where you said which conlang you're fluent in and read at least three times a week and can read new books in every week of even one year or listen to radio shows in every week? New radio shows?

jan Misali

New radio shows?

Anthony McCarthy

Yeah, I'm surprised you don't know that there are radio shows put out in Esperanto every week. I thought you were supposed to be an expert.

And, which of the conlangs are you fluent in?

jan Misali

I was born in 1998 so I don't know what a radio is sorry

Anthony McCarthy

I suppose you think that's cute. What it makes you is a fraud.

jan Misali

yeah but I'm a cute fraud though right?

Anthony McCarthy

toki pono or whatever it is? Give me a break. Show me the bibliography. Show me the speaking language community, show me the technical literature written or translated into it, show me the literature from many countries translated into it. I wonder, since its inspiration is supposed to be Taoism if they've translated any of the literature of Taoism into it.

Seximal[edit | edit source]

jan Misali endorses a base-6 numeral system, specifically by the term seximal. Beyond making videos on the subject, he is the author of the website seximal.net. The overlap between his audience and the Toki Pona community may have inspired seximal Toki Pona number systems.

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