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PDF file of the screenplay

tu kuntu is a screenplay written by kule epiku Atawan and kala pona Tonyu in 2021. It was made for a writing contest from utala musi pi ma pona, where it won first place.

tu kuntu is an adventure story with LGBTQ+ themes. It uses various lesser known words, such as pake, kuntu, and melome, and there is also a small amount of English used for jokes and references to the Toki Pona community.

At about 7243 words, tu kuntu is believed to have been the longest original Toki Pona text when it was first published. It remained the record holder for over two years, until it was surpassed by two submissions of the 2023 edition of utala musi pi ma pona, when Nasi by jan Kepe became the new record holder.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • jan Kuntuli, a jokester
  • jan Tu, jan Kuntuli's friend
  • soweli, jan Tu's pet
  • ilo nanpa, a calculator for a toki pona number system
  • jan Ankewi, an evil mage
  • ilo Supanpo, jan Ankewi's computer

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