Cheat sheets

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    There are multiple cheat sheets for toki pona. Typically, they try to describe the entire grammar on one page and the core vocabulary on another page, allowing for a single double-printed page as a learning aid.

    cheat sheet language notes
    blinry: website PDF ODT source English This cheat sheet served as starting many others and might have been the first one. Compared to other cheat sheets, it is a bit incomplete, e.g. doesn't cover preverbs.
    PDF ODT source Russian blinry translation
    PDF French blinry translation
    GitHub PDF ODT source Italian blinry translation
    PDF ODT source Brazilian Portuguese blinry translation
    PDF ODT source Esperanto blinry translation
    jan Sa: website PDF English updated cheat sheet on the basis of blinry's
    website PDF ODT source German blinry translation
    website PDF ODT source French translation of jan Sa's/hybrid with blinry's
    PDF Spanish translation of jan Sa's
    PDF Catalan blinry translation
    lipu lili pona PDF English a separate cheat sheet project with a localisation feature
    lipu lili pona Indonesian
    lipu lili pona Czech
    lipu lili pona German
    lipu lili pona Spanish
    lipu lili pona Esperanto
    lipu lili pona French
    lipu lili pona Italian
    lipu lili pona Dutch
    lipu lili pona Polish
    lipu lili pona Portuguese
    lipu lili pona Russian
    lipu lili pona Slovak
    lipu lili pona Turkish
    lipu lili pona Chinese
    sona li wan: PDF French A separate cheat sheet
    PDFODT source] German primarily made for a friend, not striving for competing with other cheat sheets in terms of quality

    Other formats[edit | edit source]

    Other cheat sheets have a different focus - mostly presenting all the words.