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nimi in sitelen pona
nimi in sitelen sitelen
Pronunciation /ˈni.mi/
Usage 2023: Core (100% ↗︎ )2022: Core (99%)
Book and era nimi pu
Part of speech Content word
Codepoint 󱥂 U+F1942

Documentation[edit source]

This template adds an automatically generated short description. If the automatic short description is not optimal, replace it using the parameter |shortdesc=, or append to it using |shortdesc+=.
|PoS=content word¦semiparticle¦both¦particle¦preposition¦preverb¦number¦ala

Usage data is retrieved from {{usage 2023}}, {{usage cat 2023-4}}, {{usage cat 2023-6}}, {{usage 2022}}, {{usage cat 2022}}, and {{book}}. Codepoint data is retrieved from {{codepoint}}, {{UCSUR name}}, and {{UCSUR char}}.

To set the caption and data to a different word than the current pagename, use parameter 1. For proper categorization, you should then create a redirect at the name of the word itself, adding a copy of this template below the redirect. (If #REDIRECT is not on the first line, the redirect will break).

To set custom images for sitelen pona or sitelen sitelen glyphs, add the parameter sp or ss.

To set an illustrative image, add the parameter image.

To indicate that a word's creator has deprecated it, add the parameter deprecated.

Template data[edit source]

Toki Pona word infobox

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.

Collapsed?collapsed compact

Collapses the infobox to show only the word and glyph images at first. Used in subsections, to help prevent several consecutive infoboxes from adding collisions or excessive empty space to the page layout.


Word that the infobox describes and finds glyph, usage, and codepoint data for, if it is different from the page title. Also suppresses the addition of categories and title formatting. Thus, make sure an article or redirect is created with this value as its title, with its own instance of this infobox in which this parameter is empty.

sitelen pona imagesp

Filename for an image of the word's sitelen pona glyph, if none are automatically found

nimi - sitelen pona in Sonja Lang's handwriting.svg
sitelen sitelen imagess

Filename for an image of the word's sitelen sitelen glyph, if none is automatically found

nimi - sitelen sitelen word symbol drawn by Jonathan Gabel.jpg

Filename for an image that describes the word's meaning

Image alt textalt

Short description of the image. Displayed instead of the image if it cannot be rendered or viewed. Should not alter the meaning of the page. Important for accessibility.

IPA pronunciationIPA

Word's pronunciation in the International Phonetic alphabet, if the automatically generated transcription is incorrect. Set this parameter to none if the word is completely unpronounceable.

Suggested values
Audio pronunciationaudio

Filename for an audio recording of the word's pronunciation, if none are automatically found


Indicates that the word's creator has deprecated it

Part of speechPoS

Word's most specialized part of speech

Suggested values
content word semiparticle both particle preposition preverb number ala