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This is a list of cheat sheets for learning Toki Pona. Typically, they try to describe the entire grammar on one page and the core vocabulary on another page, allowing for a single double-printed page as a learning aid.

List of cheat sheets[edit | edit source]

Cheat sheets by jan Sa[edit | edit source]

Language Translator Links
English jan Sa
French jan Ke Tami
Spanish jan FranBG

Cheat sheets by Blinry[edit | edit source]

In 2020, Blinry created possibly the first cheat sheet for Toki Pona, which served as a starting point for many others.[1] Compared to other cheat sheets, it is somewhat incomplete, for example, it doesn't cover preverbs.

Language Translators Links
English Blinry
Russian jan Lentan
French David
Italian Lorenzo
Brazilian Portuguese Felipe
Esperanto Vaughn
German jan Ke Tami

Others[edit | edit source]

Other formats[edit | edit source]

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Other cheat sheets have a different focus - mostly presenting all the words.

References[edit | edit source]

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