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Toki Pona logo

The Toki Pona logo[1], symbol, or emblem[2] is the main symbol of Toki Pona, designed by jan Sonja. It is believed to date to 2001, "pretty much from very beginning" of Toki Pona,[2] and to have appeared online by 2002 at the latest.[3] It occurs in many Toki Pona tools, communities, and pieces of merchandise.

Design[edit | edit source]

The logo is composed of a circle with three floating lines (emitters) above it and a curve representing a smile inside. It is most often colored with ultramarine blue lines and an icterine yellow fill. If a background beyond simple transparency is needed, it is often placed on cyan.

There are no construction, color, or presentational guidelines; the logo can remain identifiable in a variety of proportions, styles, and fonts. Where a singular "official" logo is preferred, people generally use the version pictured above, handwritten by jan Sonja and featured on the front cover and title page of the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good.

Scheme Ultramarine blue Icterine yellow
Pantone Pantone Reflex Blue C Pantone 114 C
RAL 5008 Grey blue 1016 Sulphur yellow
RGB color model 17, 17, 153 255, 255, 119
CMYK 89, 89, 0, 40 0, 0, 53, 0
HEX #111199[4] #FFFF77[4]
Websafe #000099 #ffff66

In sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

The logo is retrofitted into the sitelen pona writing system as the combined glyph for the phrase toki pona (toki-pona), leading it to qualify as both logomark and logotype. As sitelen pona was only created "shortly before publishing pu", the glyphs for toki and pona were derived from the logo so that it would be backward compatible.[2]

When used as sitelen pona, the glyph does not always refer to the language, as the phrase toki pona can describe any kind of good communication.

The logo is also used within the glyph for pu (pu), which represents the cover of Toki Pona: The Language of Good, and can be drawn at various resolutions in the glyph for ku (ku), representing the cover of Toki Pona Dictionary.

Mascots[edit | edit source]

The logo and its color scheme have been incorporated into many proposed mascot characters, often playing on the symbol's similarity to a smiling head.

References[edit | edit source]

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    blue #111199
    yellow #FFFF77