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2024 icon designed by artist jan Kuwimaku (Cuymacu)

ma pona pi toki pona (mpptp; sitelen pona: ma+pona+pi+toki+pona), also known as ma pona for short, is a Discord server and English-speaking Toki Pona community. As of January 2024, it has over 12 thousand members,[a] making it the largest Toki Pona community on Discord and possibly the largest in general. The official Toki Pona website lists it as an "important cultural centre".[1]

ma pona pi toki pona is the only community that was polled to create the translation data in the Toki Pona Dictionary. It was chosen for having "the most linguistic vitality and the highest number of volunteers available in real time".[2] The trends in the server at the time of polling are reflected in the results, such as the specific words classed as nimi ku suli.

Events[edit | edit source]

mun pi ante toki[edit | edit source]

mun pi ante toki is a yearly event occurring in February where members are encouraged to translate works into Toki Pona.

suno pi toki pona[edit | edit source]

suno pi toki pona, also known as Toki Pona Day, is a yearly event celebrating Toki Pona's anniversary in 7 August 2021, hosted by community members of ma pona pi toki pona.

tenpo pi toki pona taso[edit | edit source]

tenpo pi toki pona taso (literally "Toki-Pona-only time") is a recurring event that takes place around every new and full moon. Members may opt to have a bot mark non-Toki Pona messages sent during these events (with plant-themed emoji reactions) to remind them to speak in toki pona taso.[3]

The bot is humoursly known as ilo penpo, penpo being a corruption of the word tenpo, referring to the time-frame of this event.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Including inactive members.

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