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In fonts, .notdef is a glyph shown when an application cannot find any glyphs corresponding to a Unicode codepoint. This is usually a white narrow box (nicknamed tofu; visually similar to ▯), sometimes crossed out or containing a question mark.

In Toki Pona fonts[edit | edit source]

Many Toki Pona fonts have unusual .notdef glyphs. This has been done both for practical purposes and for fun. In sitelen pona, the typical .notdef glyphs could be mistaken for the running text lipu, lipu ala, and lipu seme (lipulipu-alalipu-seme).

Many alternative designs are read as the font or system expressing confusion about the unsupported glyph. The font linja sike uses tofu with the text "sitelen ni li seme?" (lit. 'What is this symbol?'). The font family sitelen seli kiwen includes[original, or from where?] a similar square "ijo ni li seme?" (ijo-ni-li-seme, lit. 'What is this thing?'). More humorously, linja lipamanka displays a Latin-script image macro referencing the ilo nanpa video: "MI SONA ALA A!" (lit. 'I don't understand!') over a confused Jackie Chan with a Sharingan for a right eye.

leko majuna uses a black square, as the font is mostly otherwise outlined.