linja sike

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linja sike
Supported characters All nimi ku and extensively more
Start of sitelen pona block U+E600
Style Uniform line weight
Writing system sitelen pona
Author lipamanka
License OFL
Provides clean combinations for all character permutations.
First publication 2021

linja sike (literally "round line") is a uniform line weight sitelen pona typeface created by lipamanka in 2021. It is based on linja pona, but replaces the flat terminals and mitered corners with rounded terminals and intersections, hence the name.

The glyph repertoire includes all nimi ku, some name glyphs, and many experimental features such as diacritics for particles.

linja sike used to be very popular. However, lipamanka grew to dislike elements of the font[citation needed…] and eventually replaced the planned version 6 with a new font, linja lipamanka, causing linja sike to decline in use.

Features[edit | edit source]

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