From sona pona
    a in sitelen pona
    a in sitelen sitelen
    Usage 2023: Core (99% → )
    2022: Core (99%)
    Book and era nimi pu ("synonym" in pu)
    Part of speech Particle
    Codepoint 󱤀 U+F1900

    a is a particle of toki pona used for emphasis and to show emotion.

    Function of a[edit | edit source]

    "a" is a very versatile word. It can be used by itself, after a word, or at the beginning or end of a sentence.

    "a" at the beginning of the sentence can mean "ah" or "oh":

    a ni li pona tawa mi
    oh, this is good for me.

    "a" at the end can emphasize the whole sentence, like adding a exclaimation mark.

    ni li pona tawa mi a
    this is truly excellect for me.

    "a" directly after a word can emphasize that word.

    ni li pona a tawa mi
    this is great for me

    It typically applies to the word immediately before it:

    ona a li pali e tomo
    She builds a house
    ona li pali a e tomo
    He builds a house
    ona li pali e tomo a
    They build a house

    "a" can also be used on its own:

    a, mi sona
    Oh, ok, I understand
    a pakala
    Aw crap
    a a a
    Laughter — "hahaha"

    History[edit | edit source]

    In pu, this word is a synonym of the word kin, also used by some for emphasis.

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