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sona in sitelen pona
sona in sitelen sitelen
African woman teaching the alphabet to young children
African woman teaching the alphabet to young children
Pronunciation /ˈ
Usage 2023: Core (100% → )2022: Core (100%)
Book and era nimi pu
Part of speech Preverb, content word
Codepoint 󱥡 U+F1961

sona is a core content word and preverb relating to knowledge.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word sona is derived from Georgian ცოდნა (codna), meaning "knowledge".[1]

Semantic space[edit | edit source]

The semantic space of sona includes all types of knowledge, such as intelligence, wisdom, and skills, as well as sources of knowledge, such as perception, inference, intuition, and memory. It includes the quality of having said types of knowledge.[2]

sona li wawa

sona li wawa.

Knowledge is power.

sina ken kama sona e ale

sina ken kama sona e ale.

You can learn (come to know) everything.

Preverb[edit | edit source]

When used as a preverb, it refers to knowing how to do something or how to achieve a goal. This usage is defined in the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good.

mi sona seli e moku

mi sona seli e moku.

I know how to cook.

pu[edit | edit source]

In the "Official Toki Pona Dictionary" section, the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good defines sona as:

VERB  to know, be skilled in, be wise about, have information on
PRE-VERB  to know how to

ku[edit | edit source]

For Toki Pona Dictionary, respondents in ma pona pi toki pona translated these English words as sona:[3]

information5, know5, knowledge5, understand5, understanding5, aware5, info4, wisdom4, awareness4, known4, data3, wise3, recognition3, recognize3, expertise3, intelligence2, smart2, sure2, experienced2, insight2, educational2, identify2, remember2, conscious2, clever2, cognitive2, logical2, familiar2, logic2, acknowledge2, skill2

sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

The sitelen pona glyph for sona (󱥡) is derived from the box radical with emitters above, representing a book emitting knowledge.

sitelen sitelen[edit | edit source]

The sitelen sitelen word glyph for sona (sona) represents a stylized brain, with a single large wrinkle.

References[edit | edit source]

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