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A Tokiponist,[a] Tokiponian,[1][b] or, humorously, Tokiponer, is a speaker, proponent, or enthusiast of Toki Pona.

The term Tokiponist is based on the word Esperantist, the Esperanto equivalent. While some Tokiponists have similar goals to advocates of Esperanto, such as treating Toki Pona as a candidate for an international auxiliary language, the differences in language philosophy lead many Tokiponists to simply promote Toki Pona for art and personal use.

Notable Tokiponists[edit | edit source]

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Language developers[edit | edit source]

Artists[edit | edit source]

  • jan Alonola, German writer
  • Jonathan Gabel (jan Josan Kapo), illustrator and creator of sitelen sitelen
  • jan Kapilu, Brazilian poet
  • jan Ke Tami, German writer and illustrator
  • lipamanka, linguist and writer
  • jan Misali, American YouTuber and musician
  • jan Nikoleta (kqa), American singer
  • jan Usawi, American singer and songwriter
  • Vacon Sartirani, Italian visual artist and illustrator

Teachers[edit | edit source]

  • jan Kekan San, American teacher
  • jan Lentan, programmer and creator of lessons
  • jan Pije, creator of notable early lessons
  • soweli Tesa

Software developers[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • kule epiku Atawan
  • Chuck Smith
  • jan Deni
  • jan inwin
  • jan Jan
  • jan Kawa
  • jan Lakuse
  • jan Ne
  • jan Pensa
  • jan Sa
  • jan Sate
  • jan Tepo
  • kala pona Tonyu

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Stylized in sentence case.
  2. Primarily used in the Toki Pona Forums.

References[edit | edit source]

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