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r/place is a recurring collaborative pixel art social experiment hosted on Reddit, played on a large canvas where users can change the color of a single pixel after waiting for several minutes.

While r/place was open on April Fools' Day 2022, members of prominent Toki Pona communities, such as lipu Wesi and ma pona pi toki pona, organized designs advertising the language. This led to alliances with "neighbor" groups, such as r/catalunya, r/conlangs, and r/parahumans, who were working nearby on the canvas.

Designs[edit | edit source]

First site[edit | edit source]

The first site decorated by the Toki Pona community is at (770, 345). The main element is a yellow-and-blue taegeuk-like shape fitted to a rounded rectangle. The Toki Pona logo (toki-pona) and "toki" are on the yellow half, and "pona" and a left-facing sitelen pona glyph for kijetesantakalu (kijetesantakalu) are on the blue half.[1]

Below this is a row of sitelen pona text reading o kama pona, ale li pona ("Welcome, all is good"), and the sitelen pona glyph for tonsi (tonsi) on a vertical transgender flag. On the next line is small text reading "NEW RADIO SHOWS?", a reference to a comment thread started by Esperantist Anthony McCarthy under the Conlang Critic review of Toki Pona.[1] The Parahumans site is below that.

To each side of the block comprised by these elements, there is a heart symbolizing alliance with a neighboring community. Both hearts are divided into halves, which are swapped from the surrounding designs, and with Toki Pona represented with horizontal yellow and blue stripes. On the left is a Catalonia–Toki Pona heart. On the right is an Italy–Toki Pona heart,[1] created to avoid a large vertical Italian flag from cutting through the Toki Pona site, whose position jutted out into the path of the flag.

Above the top left of the block is small text reading "mi mu". To the left is a small Tower of Babel conlanging flag, representing r/conlangs. To the right are small flags and symbols for various other individual conlangs, including Vötgil, Lojban, Interlingue, Esperanto, and Globasa, at various points in time.[1]

Parahumans–Toki Pona alliance[edit | edit source]

After the original Toki Pona and Parahumans sites formed an alliance and the canvas was expanded, the communities built a shared site at (1708, 230). It features Skitter (aka Taylor Anne Hebert) from the web serial Worm holding hands with jan pi toki pona from the webcomic Prolangs, alongside Parahumans character Snowdrop the Opossum.[2]

The block includes the Latin text "WORM" and "TOKI PONA". In the upper right is vertical sitelen pona text reading jan ante ("changed people"), a literal translation of "parahumans".[2]

Past the upper left is a combination of the r/parahumans scarab logo and the Toki Pona logo.[2]

A small Abenaki flag was given space in a heart below Snowdrop.[2]

Heart[edit | edit source]

A blue heart with a small yellow sitelen pona glyph for toki (toki) was added to a line of national flag hearts after the space at (1171, 252) was left available.[3] The design could be read as the combined glyph pilin toki (pilin-toki).

Read Web Serials alliance[edit | edit source]

A large Toki Pona logo was honorarily included in the "READ WEB SERIALS" alliance site at (1757, 1292).[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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