sitelen pona pona

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sitelen pona pona
"jan li pana e moku tawa sina" written in sitelen pona pona
Supported characters pu glyphs, plus the initial set of extended linja pona characters
Style uniform line weight
Writing system sitelenponido
Author Jack Humbert
License OFL
Any unrecognised word will automatically be turned into a cartouche with Latin characters
First publication 9 March 2020

sitelen pona pona is a logographic writing system and font created by QMK founder Jack Humbert in 2020. It is adapted from sitelen pona, and tries to further simplify the glyphs for very small font sizes.

Comparison to sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

Despite its name, many sitelen pona users think of sitelen pona pona as a separate script rather than an improved version. Although many of the modified glyphs are recognizable, many others cannot be identified without outside knowledge. There are also false friends; the sitelen pona pona glyphs for pona and ike look like sitelen pona lupa and nena, resulting in diminished mutual intelligibility between the scripts.

sitelen pona pona lacks features from sitelen pona, such as combined glyphs. It also has different punctuation standards, officially using Latin-script punctuation like periods and colons. a, o, and seme are redesigned to look very different from the exclamation point and question mark, and thus both are used, often side-by-side.

sitelen pona pona also introduces a baseline to the characters, inspired by Latin writing traditions, whereas sitelen pona characters are vertically centered.

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