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This is a curated list of learning resources for Toki Pona, based on recommendations from the kama sona learning server on Discord. There are multiple ways to learn a language, such as grammar lessons, exercises, flashcards, media consumption, and speaking practice. If one method is not helping you, try the others.

Joining a community will help you practice using the language and let proficient speakers catch your mistakes.

Introductory overview

Start by watching the video "toki pona in 18 minutes" by ilo Tani.

Official books

The official books are by Sonja Lang, the creator of Toki Pona.

Online courses


  • Linku, a searchable dictionary by kala Asi.
    • Recommended to select only "core words" and "widespread words".
    • Available in multiple languages.
  •, dictionary based on Sonja Lang's community polling, by jan Sasi



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