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This is a list of lists of Toki Pona usage.

As put by jan Lakuse, "There are lots of people who engage with Toki Pona primarily as an artistic medium and rarely in social situations. There are people who only use Toki Pona in social settings and rarely as a medium for their art. And both of these approaches are valid ways to engage with Toki Pona. This isn’t really true for natural languages."[1]

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Outside the Toki Pona community[edit | edit source]

These are works not made by the Toki Pona community but by journalists, podcasters, or YouTubers.

Community[edit | edit source]

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  1. jan Sonja, jan Lakuse, et al. (8 April 2024). "Toki Pona: From Personal Art Project to Small World Language". University of Colorado Boulder. (transcript). p. 6.