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Caution: This subject is nonstandard and may not be understood by most speakers.
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This is a list of nonstandard abbreviations in Toki Pona, generally only used in informal settings.

kepeken[edit | edit source]

kepeken is tied with sitelen as the longest nimi pu. It has accrued many abbreviations, such as kepen and kpkn.

The three-letter abbreviations kkn, kpk, and kpn cannot be mistaken for any other nimi ku or nonstandard word. kep only overlaps with okepuma, an obscure nimi sin.[a] The possible two-letter abbreviation kk conflicts with several nimi ku. However, it is unique among nimi pu, though probably extremely unclear. Every other two-letter abbreviation is more ambiguous.

kijetesantakalu[edit | edit source]

kijetesantakalu is often shortened to kijete or kije. Some speakers dislike this, as the original point of the word was to be overly long, while proponents of these abbreviations may like and use the word for unrelated reasons.

From sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

Some words are abbreviated based on their corresponding sitelen pona glyphs.

Abbreviations from sitelen pona
Word sitelen pona Abbreviations
ala ala x X
e e >> »
ken ken k K κ
la la )
li li >
mi mi p P ρ
nanpa nanpa #
sina sina b 6
wile wile w W ω

Headnouns[edit | edit source]

When referring to someone, their headnoun may be abbreviated as a single letter and attached to the name word without a space, such as soweli Keju becoming sKeju. Modifiers get their own letters, so akesi wawa Lupon becomes awLupon. Abbreviating headnouns in this way is attested as early as 2009.[1]

Numbers[edit | edit source]

Number words may be written as their first letters, capitalized and without spaces between them. For example, ale ale mute luka luka wan could be written as AAMLLW.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This may be confirmed with the regular expressions /k\w*k\w*n/, /k\w*p\w*[kn]/, and /k\w*e\w*p/.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. jan-ante (11 December 2009). Re: ken ala ken weka e sitelen ike?. "mi pilin e ni:jSonja li pana e jan lawa sin tawa tomo toki ni la ni li pona tawa mi ale. jKipo li jan lawa pona tawa mi". Toki Pona Forums.