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Sample of sitelen telo, reading jan li pana e moku tawa sina.

sitelen telo or waterscript is a writing system and font created by efofecks. It consists of a logography, linja telo, and a secondary abugida for words without logographs, linja sin. It is intended to have a "strong Japanese aesthetic", and also takes inspiration from Chinese characters and Hangul. While the font used linja pona as a starting point, sitelen telo is not a sitelenponido and is meant to look more serious than sitelen pona; its radicals and compounds are designed from scratch.[1][2]

Criticism[edit | edit source]

sitelen telo has been criticized for treating the Japanese writing system as an aesthetic or art style, and for doing so without preserving elements such as character meanings, pronunciations, or calligraphic logic, the latter of which may make it difficult to write with a brush. Some Tokiponists[who?] consider it cultural appropriation or exoticism.[3][primary source needed…]

References[edit | edit source]

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    Sitelen telo (waterscript) is a writing system for toki pona with a strong Japanese aesthetic. The script is intended to be easy to learn and use – a bit more serious than the whimsical sitelen pona but simpler than the Mayan-inspired sitelen sitelen. My hope is that the community embraces it enough to use for handwriting or art.

    Sitelen telo has two sub-writing systems: A logographic script called linja telo for pu words, and a syllabic script called linja sin for proper nouns or borrowed words.

    Linja telo is an ideographic script built from scratch. All characters are either stylized drawings of what they represent, or compound glyphs made from other characters; the logic makes the script easy to learn.

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