Phrases and clauses

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Phrases and clauses are groups of words in Toki Pona grammar.

Phrases[edit | edit source]

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Phrases are groups of consecutive content words, split by particles or prepositions. The first word in a phrase is the head, and the others, if any, are modifiers. Phrases may be called noun phrases, especially in subject, direct object, or prepositional phrase position. If a phrase is used as its own sentence fragment, it is called an interjection.

Clauses[edit | edit source]

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Clauses are parts of a sentence with a subject and predicate. In standard use, sub-sentence clauses only occur with la, which splits the sentence into a context phrase or context clause, and a main clause. The word ni can function as if it introduces a relative clause, but grammatically it is a new sentence, not a clause.

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