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    Many different writing systems have been created to write toki pona. This is an incomplete list of them. Text samples in this article all represent the sentence

    jan li pana e moku tawa sina

    Logographies[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Enli[edit | edit source]

    aka ✎ ⟄ ᑈ ☺ (sitelen pi toki pona). toki pona words represented by Unicode symbols. By Henrik Theiling


    Text sample:

    ⵅ ↴ ✉ ↱ ☕ ⇥ ⇈

    sitelen jaki[edit | edit source]

    Doesn't support gender, coloursa and numbers. By kulupu pi wawa unu


    Text sample: sitelen jaki sample.png

    sitelen Kansi[edit | edit source]

    Adaptations of Hanzi


    Text sample:


    sitelen ko[edit | edit source]

    Cuneiform style script


    Text sample: sitelen ko sample.png

    sitelen kule[edit | edit source]

    Assigns a colour to each word, with a sorting and color names based on jan Misali's proposed names for colours. Names are indicated by a toggle "white". Sentences are indicated by line breaks or a double "white". By jan Mena


    Text sample: sitelen kule sample.png

    sitelen mun[edit | edit source]

    based on Gallifreyan. By jan Jonatan


    Text sample: sitelen mun sample.png

    sitelen Nelan[edit | edit source]


    Text sample: sitelen Nelan sample.png

    sitelen Nosu[edit | edit source]

    By jan Lane


    Text sample:


    sitelen palisa (jan ilo Katapin)[edit | edit source]

    A 14-segment logography for Toki Pona. By jan ilo Katapin.


    Text sample: sitelen palisa sample.png

    sitelen Emosi[edit | edit source]

    Main article: sitelen Emosi

    sitelen pilin[edit | edit source]

    Main article: sitelen pilin


    Text sample:


    sitelen jelo[edit | edit source]

    Main article: sitelen jelo

    By waso Keli

    Text sample:


    sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

    Main article: sitelen pona

    By jan Sonja

    Text sample:

    jan li pana e moku tawa sina

    sitelen akesi[edit | edit source]

    An adaptation of sitelen pona in ASCII (which sounds a lot like akesi). Made by jan Sonja, jan Tepo and ilo Eko


    Sample text:

    ,O, > “n’ >> DC /\_ b

    sitelen Asuki[edit | edit source]

    A larger-scale ASCII adaptation of sitelen pona. By jan pi nimi ala


    Text sample:

     .-.   \   \ | /  \\    \__/    /|   |      
    |   |   \    __    \\    __    / |   |---.  
    '._.'   /   /  |   //   /  |  /  |   |   |  
     / \   /   V   |  //   V   |  \  |_   '-'   

    sitelen luka[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pona adapted to be faster for handwriting. By jan Kaja


    Text sample: sitelen luka sample.png

    sitelen pipi[edit | edit source]

    A combination of toki pona and Hollow Night's writing aesthetics. By Plum of the Palette system


    Text sample: sitelen pipi sample.png

    sitelen pona pona[edit | edit source]

    Adaptation of sitelen pona and font with the following stated goals:

    • remove redundant information from glyphs
    • use a consistent shape inventory
    • fit glyphs onto a baseline, descending or ascending when appropriate
    • make glyphs easy to differentiate at small sizes
    • align with standard Latin punctuation and text (can be used inline)


    Text sample: spp sample.png

    sitelen telo Momo[edit | edit source]

    Very stylised sitelen pona, as a font

    Text sample: sitelen telo Momo sample.png

    sitelen Antowi[edit | edit source]

    Material design version of sitelen pona, as a font. By jan Jeli


    Text sample: sitelen Antowi sample.png

    sitelen lili[edit | edit source]

    Alternate "streamlined" design of sitelen pona, as a font. By jan Kokan Ato.

    Text sample: sitelen lili sample.png

    sitelen pona Sonko[edit | edit source]

    Chinese seal script inspired sitelen pona. By jan Ose


    Text sample: sitelen pona Sonko sample.png

    sitelen Precomposed Vowel Characters[edit | edit source]

    Each word is exactly 1 Unicode character


    Text sample:


    sitelen sitelen (or sitelen suwi)[edit | edit source]

    Sitelen nimi ale (more square).png

    By Jonathan Gabel


    Text sample: sitelen sitelen sample.png

    sitelen telo[edit | edit source]

    Japanese aesthetic


    Text sample: File:sitelen telo sample.png

    sitelen Tewa[edit | edit source]

    Intended for handwriting. Mixes logography and alphabet use of characters depending on diacritics. By jan Tewa


    Text sample: sitelen Tewa sample.png

    toki pona lili[edit | edit source]

    Syllabaries[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Aki[edit | edit source]

    Each syllable is represented by a single ASCII character


    Sample text:

    j l bn e Oq Tw sn

    sitelen Ilakana[edit | edit source]

    Abugidas[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Diacritics[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Elijan[edit | edit source]

    Main article: User:.hecko/sitelen Elijan

    sitelen Kanujapa[edit | edit source]

    sitelen lape[edit | edit source]

    sitelen lili sin[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Tawi[edit | edit source]

    Abjads[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Alapi[edit | edit source]

    Arabic Documentation:

    Sample text:

    ين لي پنا ه مكو توا سنا

    sitelen nanpa[edit | edit source]

    Alphabets[edit | edit source]

    Unsorted alphabets (WIP)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Nowa[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pakala (jan pi poki pi telo seli kasi)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pakala (jan Samsta36)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen palisa (Heav)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen palisa ilo[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pi ike mute (jan pi sona lili)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pi ike mute (pipi Motan)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pi linja lili[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pi linja mute ala[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pi linja wan[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Setasan[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Sewakana[edit | edit source]

    sitelen soweli[edit | edit source]

    sitelen toki pi linja wan[edit | edit source]

    Alpha-syllabic scripts[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Anku[edit | edit source]

    Hangul Documentation:

    Sample text:

    얀 리 파나 에 모구 타와 시나

    sitelen Asi[edit | edit source]

    writing wu, wo, ji, ti automagically results in u, o, i, si. By jan Juli


    Sample text: sitelen Asi sample.png

    sitelen kasi linja[edit | edit source]

    Includes a blocky style called sitelen kasi leko. By Nathan McCoy


    Sample text: sitelen kasi linja sample.png

    sitelen leko[edit | edit source]

    By soweli Apen


    sitelen linja[edit | edit source]

    By jan Tiko


    Text sample: sitelen linja sample.png

    sitelen Musisan[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pi jan Nuwoma[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pi nasin sijelo monsuta[edit | edit source]

    sitelen poka[edit | edit source]

    sitelen pona (jan Mimoku)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen sike (jan NalathniDragon)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen sinpin (jan Jese)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen sinpin (jan soweli Apen)[edit | edit source]

    sitelen sinpin lili[edit | edit source]

    sitelen suwi ko[edit | edit source]

    sitelen uta[edit | edit source]

    Non-featural alphabets[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Lasina[edit | edit source]

    Latin characters

    Sample text:

    jan li pana e moku tawa sina

    sitelen esun[edit | edit source]

    sitelen esun is an interlace orthography based on Kēlen. Consonants in sitelen esun are combinations of loops and vowels are combinations of crossovers. By jan Emelilijan


    sitelen kalama nanpa san[edit | edit source]

    By jan Sewaka (JupiterBoy100)


    sitelen linja leko[edit | edit source]


    Text sample: sitelen linja leko sample.png

    sitelen Elina[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Kililisa[edit | edit source]

    sitelen Pusake[edit | edit source]

    sitelen sike (jan omch)[edit | edit source]

    Compressed alphabets[edit | edit source]

    sitelen musi[edit | edit source]

    linja pi kute mute[edit | edit source]

    linja pi kama wan[edit | edit source]

    sitelen aeiou[edit | edit source]

    shorthand with only 6 strokes[edit | edit source]