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In sitelen sitelen, a radical is a recurring graphical component across multiple glyphs.

A[edit | edit source]

The phonetic A radical (A) appears in the logograms for a (a), jaki (jaki), jasima, kala (kala), lanpan, monsuta, pali (pali), and palisa (palisa).

Mouth[edit | edit source]

The mouth radical represents sound or communication. It appears in the logograms for a (a), kokosila, n, sitelen (sitelen), and toki (toki).

Reverse S[edit | edit source]

The reverse S radical, derived from a similar radical in Mi'kmaq logograms,[1] represents an unknown quality. It appears in the logograms for ante (ante), anu (anu), kokosila, seme (seme), and the question mark, as well as a proposed glyph for unu by lon Jawin.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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