Category:Words with sitelen pona glyphs detected in sitelen seli kiwen

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Words with images of sitelen pona glyphs in the sitelen seli kiwen font. These are detected by the existence of a file named Sitelen seli kiwen - nimi.png, where nimi is the word (in sitelen Lasina).

Per a discussion around Project:Notability, these images are no longer auto-included in infoboxes, because they are most likely to be in questionable use out of the detected sources. If a sitelen seli kiwen glyph image meets notability standards, it can be added back to the infobox manually. Otherwise, the image can be used in the word's sitelen pona section with a clear explanation that its use is contested.

To add a page to this category, use the template {{nimi}}. Refer to that template's documentation.