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Caution: The subject of this article is just for fun. It is not meant or recommended for serious use.

yutu in sitelen pona
Star emoji in the Twemoji library, used on Discord.
Star emoji in the Twemoji library, used on Discord.
Pronunciation /ˈju.tu/ 🔊/j/ sounds like English Y, as in "fjord" or "hallelujah".
Usage 2023: Obscure (2% ↘︎ )
2022: Obscure (3%)
Book and era No book (post-ku)
Part of speech Content word

yutu is an obscure humorous content word relating to the star emoji (⭐️).

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word yutu is derived from Turkish yıldız, meaning "star". It was coined in 2021 by inari in the ma pona pi toki pona community. The letter y, shared with yupekosi, was originally a typo of j that was kept in the spelling as a joke.[citation needed]

Semantic space[edit | edit source]

The semantic space of yutu includes the star emoji (Unicode codepoint: U+2B50, Discord shortcode: :star:), specifically as used to pin a message to a "starboard" channel in Discord servers such as ma pona pi toki pona.

sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

The sitelen pona glyph for yutu (yutu) depicts a star shape with emitters.

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