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This is a list of mathematical equations that graph sitelen pona glyphs. Ideally these should be bounded by the domain and range [-1, 1].

Table of equations

Within an equation, a bracketed list represents plotting the equation for each of the listed values.

Equations for pu glyphs

Word sitelen pona Equation Notes
a a
akesi akesi
ala ala
alasa alasa
ale / ali ale Lemniscate
anpa anpa
ante ante
anu anu
awen awen
e e
en en
esun esun
ijo ijo Circle
ike ike
ilo ilo
insa insa
jaki jaki
jan jan
jelo jelo
jo jo
kala kala
kalama kalama
kama kama
kasi kasi
ken ken
kepeken kepeken
kili kili
kiwen kiwen
ko ko
kon kon
kule kule
kulupu kulupu
kute kute
la la
lape lape
laso laso
lawa lawa
len len
lete lete
li li
lili lili
linja linja
lipu lipu Square[1]
loje loje
lon lon
luka luka
lukin lukin
lupa lupa
ma ma
mama mama
mani mani
meli meli
mi mi
mije mije
moku moku
moli moli

monsi monsi
mu mu
mun mun
musi musi
mute mute
nanpa nanpa
nasa nasa
nasin nasin
nena nena
ni ni
nimi nimi
noka noka
o o
olin olin
ona ona
open open
pakala pakala
pali pali
palisa palisa
pan pan
pana pana
pi pi
pilin pilin
pimeja pimeja
pini pini
pipi pipi
poka poka
poki poki
pona pona
pu pu
sama sama
seli seli
selo selo
seme seme
sewi sewi
sijelo sijelo
sike sike
sin sin
sina sina
sinpin sinpin
sitelen sitelen
sona sona
soweli soweli
suli suli
suno suno
supa supa
suwi suwi
tan tan
taso taso
tawa tawa
telo telo
tenpo tenpo
toki toki
tomo tomo
tu tu
unpa unpa Trefoil knot
uta uta
utala utala
walo walo
wan wan
waso waso
wawa wawa
weka weka
wile wile

Equations for ku glyphs

Word sitelen pona Equation Notes
epiku epiku
jasima jasima
kijete­san­takalu kijetesantakalu

Discovered by soweli Sijenkata.[2]
kin kin
kipisi kipisi
kokosila kokosila
ku ku
lanpan lanpan
leko leko
meso meso
misikeke misikeke
monsuta monsuta
n n
namako namako1
oko oko
soko soko
tonsi tonsi


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