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soko in sitelen pona
soko in sitelen sitelen
Pronunciation /ˈso.ko/ (listen)
Usage 2023: Common (63%  )
2022: Widespread (70%)
Book and era nimi ku suli (post-pu)
Part of speech Content word
Codepoint 󱦁 U+F1981

soko is a common content word and nimi ku suli relating to fungi.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word soko is derived from Georgian სოკო (soḳo), meaning "mushroom". It was coined by jan inwin in 2019.[1]

Semantic space[edit | edit source]

The semantic space of soko includes fungi, primarily mushrooms.

ku[edit | edit source]

For Toki Pona Dictionary, respondents in ma pona pi toki pona translated these English words as soko:

mushroom3, fungus3

sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

The sitelen pona glyph for soko represents a mushroom, originally with a wider base,

[citation needed]

but it was changed into a line or cross to avoid confusion with the glyph for mama.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. jan inwin [@orsetto] (04 November 2019). [Message posted in the #sona-musi channel in the ma pona pi toki pona Discord server]. "i rather like the sound of soko from Georgian სოკო sokʼo "mushroom"". Discord.