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    There are several cognates, true and false, between English and Toki Pona words.

    nimi pu[edit | edit source]

    nimi pu and English cognates
    toki pona English Notes
    a ah Onomatopoeic
    ale / ali all Through Dutch alle
    en and In standard use, en only joins multiple subjects. Other uses of "and" are achieved by repeating the respective particle, such as li or e.
    insa inside
    jaki yucky
    jelo yellow
    kama come (up) Possibly through Tok Pisin kamap
    ken can Possibly through Tok Pisin ken
    ko goo Actually from Cantonese gou1
    kule colo(u)r Through Acadian French couleur
    kulupu group Through Tongan kulupu
    lili little Actually from Tok Pisin liklik
    linja line, linear Through Finnish linja
    lipu library, leaf Actually from Finnish lippu
    lon along, on Through Tok Pisin long
    lukin look(ing) Through Tok Pisin lukim
    lupa loop[a] Through Lojban clupa
    1. There is a hole in the middle of a loop.
    mama mama Actually from Georgian მამა mama
    mani money Possibly through Tok Pisin mani
    meli Mary Through Tok Pisin meri
    mi me Also through Esperanto mi
    moli mort Through Acadian French mourir
    mu mew, moo Onomatopoeic
    mute much, multi(ple) Through Esperanto multe
    nanpa number Through Tok Pisin namba
    nimi name From Finnish nimi, which may be related
    o O[a] Also from Georgian -ო -o
    1. Archaic vocative particle, as in "O Canada"
    open open Possibly also through Dutch open
    pakala bugger up Through Tok Pisin bagarap
    pan panini, pantry[a][b] Through Romance words inherited from Latin pānis
    1. Where bread is stored
    2. Companion also etymologically means a messmate, a person with whom one would share bread.
    pi belong Through Tok Pisin bilong. Misleading, as pi does not mark possession.
    pilin feel(ing) Through Tok Pisin pilim
    pini finish Through Acadian French fini
    poki box Through Tok Pisin bokis
    pona boon, bonus Through Esperanto bona
    pu book
    sama same Through Esperanto and Finnish sama
    selo shell Through Esperanto ŝelo
    sike circle
    suno sun Through Esperanto suno
    suwi sweet Through Tok Pisin swit
    taso that's all Through Tok Pisin tasol
    tawa towards
    tenpo tempo(ral), tense Through Esperanto tempo
    toki talk Through Tok Pisin tok
    tomo dom(icil)e, dorm(itory) Through Esperanto domo
    tu duo, two Possibly also through Esperanto du
    wan one
    wile will[a] Through Dutch willen
    1. "to wish, to desire, to long", as in at will, do what you will, where there's a will there's a way, willful, and willpower, not the future tense

    nimi ku suli[edit | edit source]

    nimi ku suli and English cognates
    toki pona English Notes
    epiku epic Through French épique
    kin (a)kin From Finnish -kin
    kokosila crocodile Through Esperanto krokodili. Possibly misleading, as krokodili means "to speak a language besides Esperanto among Esperantists", which kokosila transplants onto Toki Pona.
    leko Lego Possibly from Finnish lohko
    meso meso- Through Greek μέσος mésos
    monsuta monster Through Japanese モンスター monsutā
    n hmm, um Onomatopoeic
    oko ocular Through Serbo-Croatian ȍko

    Phrases[edit | edit source]

    pan ko is at least half-cognate with English "panko", breadcrumbs, from Japanese パン() panko.