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Caution: The subject of this article is just for fun. It is not meant or recommended for serious use.
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Pronunciation /ˈo.ju.ta/ 🔊/j/ sounds like English Y, as in "fjord" or "hallelujah".
Usage 2023: Obscure (6% ↗︎ )
2022: Obscure (2%)
Book and era No book (post-pu)
Part of speech Content word

ojuta is an obscure joke word used to trick someone into asking for its meaning, prompting the response o uta e sike mi, meaning "lick my balls!". The word is inspired and often translated as the English slang word ligma (sounding like "lick my").

te sina sona ala sona e ojuta to   te ojuta li seme to   te o uta e sike mi to

"sina sona ala sona e ojuta?" "ojuta li seme?" "o uta e sike mi!"

"Have you heard of ligma?" "What's ligma?" "Ligma balls!"

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