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jaki in sitelen pona
jaki in sitelen sitelen
Pronunciation /ˈja.ki//j/ sounds like English Y, as in "fjord" or "hallelujah".
Usage 2023: Core (99% → )2022: Core (99%)
Book and era nimi pu
Part of speech Content word
Codepoint 󱤐 U+F1910

jaki is a core content word relating to dirty and disgusting things.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word jaki is derived from English yucky.[1]

Semantic space[edit | edit source]

The semantic space of jaki includes unpleasant aspects of senses, such as those considered dirty, disgusting, garbage, or otherwise obscene. It includes illness and disease, as well as bacteria and viruses, especially those harmful to other creatures.

pu[edit | edit source]

In the "Official Toki Pona Dictionary" section, the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good defines jaki as:[2]

ADJECTIVE  disgusting, obscene, sickly, toxic, unclean, unsanitary

ku[edit | edit source]

For Toki Pona Dictionary, respondents in ma pona pi toki pona translated these English words as jaki:

dirty5, trash5, gross5, garbage5, mess5, disgusting4, junk4, bacteria4, nasty4, crap3, toxic3, waste3, infection3, disease2, shit2, virus2, pollution2, bullshit2, illness1

sitelen pona[edit | edit source]

Alternative versions of jaki shown in the Esperanto translation of pu

The sitelen pona glyph for jaki (󱤐) is a scribble, and it may be drawn in any way as long as it is recognizable. It tends to be drawn as a single stroke dense with overlaps, (mostly) curvy lines, and loops, tight corners, or zigzags. Several fonts have support for multiple alternative versions of the glyph, as well as a randomized selection.[3][4] The following is an example from linja lipamanka:

jaki1 jaki2 jaki3 jaki4 jaki5 jaki6 jaki7 jaki8 jaki9 jaki10 jaki11

However, most fonts lack the randomization feature, and thus, because of how influential they were, a few common versions have emerged. These include the pu style () and linja pona style (jaki).[a] An alternative glyph designed by jan Lentan is likely derived from a JK ligature.[5]

sitelen sitelen[edit | edit source]

The sitelen sitelen word glyph for jaki (jaki) depicts a bug and is a corrupted fusion of the sitelen sitelen syllable glyphs for "jaki" (JA KI).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The linja pona style is colloquially known as "dickbutt jaki", due to a rough visual resemblance to the memetic character.[citation needed]

References[edit | edit source]

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