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nimi pu are the collection of Toki Pona words featured in the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good. These account for the best-recognized Toki Pona words, ignoring the "synonyms".

As of 2024, only five main nimi pu are reported at lower than 97% usage: esun, pu (as a chiefly reflexive word), ale (partially splitting its score with the variant ali), and the gender words meli and mije (due to the gendern't philosophy). The "synonyms" all rank lower.

Main words[edit | edit source]

There are 120 main nimi pu, if ali is counted as a pronunciation variant of ale. This is the set of words that people mean when they claim that Toki Pona has 120 words.

Pronunciation variant[edit | edit source]

The word ali was created as a pronunciation variant of ale, and is generally agreed not to be a separate word.

"Synonyms"[edit | edit source]

pu presents 3 words as "synonyms" of main words, even though they have had different definitions before and since. Speakers accept and use them to varying degrees. Since their inclusion in Toki Pona Dictionary, they are generally considered among the nimi ku suli.

Honorary nimi pu[edit | edit source]

tonsi is sometimes considered an "honorary nimi pu" to give it equal status to the pu gender words, meli and mije.

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