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Caution: The subject of this article is just for fun. It is not meant or recommended for serious use.

kalamARR in sitelen pona
Pronunciation [ˌka.laˈmaɹː]
Usage 2023: Obscure (4% → )
2022: Obscure (4%)
Book and era nimi ku lili (post-pu, marginal phonology)
Part of speech Content word

kalamARR is a joke word and nimi ku lili. It is a variant of kalama based on pirate sounds, and sometimes specifically referring to them or invoking them as an onomatopoeia. It breaks Toki Pona's phonology and phonotactics with a rhotic that is generally pronounced like the English R, [ɹ].

Etymology[edit | edit source]

It is derived from the word kalama and the English onomatopeia arr for an imitation of pirates. It was coined by an unknown surveyee on ma pona pi toki pona for the Toki Pona Dictionary in 2021.

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