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    Toki Pona Dictionary (also known as ku) is the second toki pona book by Sonja Lang (after Toki Pona: The Language of Good), published on July 18, 2021. It is a descriptive collection of how surveyed speakers expressed common English words in toki pona.

    Contents[edit | edit source]

    The dictionary includes an English-Toki Pona section of 169 pages and a Toki Pona-English section of 196 pages. There is also an introduction to the dictionary which includes a warning against lexicalization, notes about grammar and endonyms, an explanation about the frequency index used in the book, notes about new ku words, and a list of attributions for the creators of ku words.

    Besides the main dictionary, ku also contains the following extras:

    Notes on lipu pu[edit | edit source]

    This part was made available as a free PDF on the official website. It is a collection of errata for pu, ranging from correcting mistakes to noting evolution in usage.

    Creative works[edit | edit source]

    At the end of the book, jan Sonja included the poem laso tu by jan Ne, an explanation of the satirical number system nasin nanpa kijetesantakalu by soweli nata, and the poem lon ma tomo pi tenpo pini suli by jan Kapilu (which was later renamed to kiwen walo[1]).

    The two poems by jan Ne and jan Kapilu were jan Sonja's favorite poems from utala pi toki musi, a Toki Pona poetry contest held in ma pona pi toki pona in 2020. The two poems and all other submissions are available for free at the contest's webpage.

    Methodology[edit | edit source]

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